H LIECTROUX 1080 Vacuum, η best selling ρομποτική σκούπα καθαρισμού παραθύρων στην αγορά, αποδεικνύει με τον καλύτερο τρόπο, πώς η τεχνολογία μπορεί να κάνει την καθημερινότητα όλων καλύτερη – πιο εύκολη, πιο ευχάριστη, πιο ξεκούραστη, πιο δημιουργική. Η LIECTROUX 1080 καθαρίζει αυτόνομα κάθε παράθυρο, σύμφωνα με τις οδηγίες του χρήστη, ενώ ξεχωρίζει για την προσιτή τιμολόγηση και την ισχυρή αναρρόφηση. Η νέα σκούπα – ρομπότ είναι σχεδιασμένη για να καθαρίζει όλους τους τύπους τζαμιών – αρκεί να την τοποθετήσετε στη θέση που πρέπει.


LIECTROUX 1080 Vacuum – Κύρια χαρακτηριστικά

  • Safety
  • 2800pa vacuum chamber, strong enough.
  • 650mAh inner battery to keep it stay safety about 30 minutes when it’s out of power.
  • Not fall down. Special climbing safety rope holds up to 150 Kg.
  • Intelligent Planning Path Throughout & Multiple Cleaning Mode
  • N-shaped Mode: Suitable for a horizontal window clean from left to right
  • Z-shaped Mode: Suitable for a vertical window clean from top to bottom
  • Automatic Mode: First N then Z double cleaning pattern
  • APP Control
  • All under Your ControlAfter starting the power button of the machine, you can control the window cleaning robot through the mobile APP.
  • The operation interface is simple and easy to understand.
  • One-button Start
  • LIECTROUX WS-1080 can be controlled wirelessly under a 2.4G network and it possesses strong penetration and 15 meters effective operating distance.
  • You can direct it to clean from a distance with a simple fingertip on your cellphone while you cook a big meal in the kitchen for your family.
  • Applicable on a glass of any thickness.
  • Artificial Intelligent Technology
  • LIECTROUX WS-1080 is equipped with a comprehensive artificial intelligent imported chip, six-axis acceleration sensor, and super strong drive design.
  • Patented of Mops Partition Cleaning Leaving No Marks
  • LIECTROUX WS-1080’s unique mops partition cleaning design allows it to remove the dust on the glass and wipe independently.
  • The machine can efficiently remove dust on the glass while working.
  • The cleaning performance of the machine on dirty glass is more prominent and it effectively avoids the phenomenon of tracks stained with dust and easy to slip.
  • Imported Brushless Motor
  • LIECTROUX WS-1080 is newly equipped with a zinc alloy transmission device, super-strong drive design, imported brushless motor, strong power, strong suction, low noise, long service life, high rotation speed. And it also possesses a 5.2m/s working speed which is 10%-20% faster than similar products so it can adapt to your faster pace of life.
  • Low Noise Design
  • Cleaning the Windows with Low Noise, The noise during the whole cleaning operation of LIECTROUX WS-1080 is about 60db so it does not affect your life and you can enjoy its clean quality meanwhile.
  • Reinforced Machine Gears
  • LIECTROUX WS-1080’s gearbox body and its internal components are mostly made of optimal metal materials which have a good heat dissipation effect.
  • The machine gear tracks adopt stiffened and non-slip belts which are more wear-resistant and with longer service life.
  • The machine can work continuously for more than 400 hours.



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