Xiaomi Smart Home Kit: το «έξυπνο» σπίτι της Xiaomi στα 43€!!
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Το ζητάτε πολλοί το συγκεκριμένο kit και – για έναν άγνωστο λόγο – τα νιντζάκια μας δεν το έδιναν εδώ και καιρό. Αφού τους «βάλαμε χέρι» λοιπόν, εντόπισαν μία καλή προσφορά για το  Xiaomi Smart Home Kit και… ιδού! 

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Το συγκεκριμένο 5 in 1 kit μετατρέπει το σπίτι σας σε… Mi Home, αφού διαθέτει τα πρώτα βασικά εξαρτήματα που θα χρειαστείτε, ενώ στην συνέχεια μπορείτε να προσθέτετε και άλλα, όσα περισσότερα χρειάζεστε. Αποτελείται από:  Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Multifunctional Gateway Remote Control (Upgrade Vesion)

  • Online Radio: built-in speaker, support online radio, timing turn off when you are asleep and turn on to wake you up
  • Night lights: built-in light sensor, and with 16 million changeable color lights turn on when in low light conditions
  • Customized bell: customize the bell for alarm. Connect with APP to upload the songs you like to the gateway
  • Connected with body sensor: when someone passes by, the light will auto turn on
  • Connected with door sensor: the light and ring for you when you open the door
  • Connected with IP camera: warning reminds and video view for you when someone breaks in your house

Xiaomi Smart Home Kit

Window Door Sensors

  • Open the door: the light and the ring for you when you
  • Push the door: the light automatically turn on
  • Away from home modes: if someone broke into, the bell will remind and taking video
  • Intelligent sensor: open the window let fresh air into room
  • Built-in CR2032 coin battery lasts for 2 year

Smart Wireless Switch

  • One key to control: making breakfast in the kitchen, press the switch, called the child out of bed
  • Before sleeping: one button to turn off all the appliances
  • Waking up at night: one button to turn on the nightlight
  • When going out: one key to control household appliances

Human Body Sensor

  • Time delay function: if there is nobody in the setting time, it will automatically shut down the air conditioning and TV
  • Intelligent induction: When somebody goes through, the night light will turn on automatically
  • Nightlight function: It will automatically open when someone passes by
  • Notice function: you might be informed when your loved pet slip out
  • Powered by a CR1632 button cell ( included )
  • Suitable for all kinds of household environment


  • Detects the actual power
  • Electric power quantity statistics
  • Overload protection
  • Set timing turn on and turn off

To Xiaomi Smart Home Kit θα το βρείτε με το κουπόνι: BGGR259 στα 43€ – με Priority Direct Mail για να μην έχετε τελωνείο!

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